What is the stand of Ethiopia on the Algiers Agreement?

Eritrea forcefully evicted UNMEE and occupied the TSZ and UNSC effectively legalized and legitimized the actions of the mighty rouge regime of Eritrea by terminating UNMEE * and relinquishing TSZ. With this action UNSC become partner in crime against the people of Ethiopia. Eritrea and UNSC killed and buried the Algiers agreement and still they think and believe it is alive. They talk about compliance and Ethiopia to respect the ruling of the border commissions and implement virtual demarcations. The issues are not really what Eritrea and UNSC think and believe. What Ethiopia thinks and believes is the most important factor whether the Algiers agreement dies or survives. Because, Eritrea and UNSC expect and continue to demand Ethiopia's compliance where as they stripped and breached the original agreement.

Way back Eritrea killed the Algiers agreement and today UNSC nailed on the coffin surrendering to the wishes of Eritrea. The termination of UNMEE by UNSC fulfilled the desire of Eritrea. This decision is a huge victory for the dictatorial regime of Eritrea and serious setback for the entire regions of the horn. The UNSC complied with the directive of the Eritrean regime and carried out the orders effectively paving the way for the total abrogation of the Algiers treaty. The unilateral expulsion of UNMEE by the Eritrean regime and the eventual termination by the UNSC leaves Ethiopia free of any kind of obligations from defunct treaty.

If Eritrea can pick and choose any part of the agreement and discard other part it dislike freely without any consequences, Ethiopia can also declare the agreement as null and void. Eritrea unilaterally recompiled and rewritten the agreement and the UNSC tailed the dictator by approving the amendments. Eritrea violated and abrogated every part of the agreement long before this feeble decision of UNSC which legitimize the actions of the Eritrean regime. From the beginning the integrity of the Algiers agreement constantly undermined by the Eritrean regime and the UNSC not only unwilling to correct the situations but shielded the regime from any kind of responsibilities. Eritrea with the collaborations of UNSC nullified the agreement in totality and Ethiopia has no obligations whatsoever to implement any part of the agreement.

The track record of the UNSC in relations to Ethiopia - Eritrea peace process is one-sided, ineffective, powerless and mostly useless. UNSC tolerated and accepted all kind of violations and breaches from the Eritrean regime. It shows no inclinations of any kind to correct the problems and to protect the integrity of the Algiers treaty. Now the UNSC officially voted to terminate UNMEE in accordance with the directive of the Eritrean regime and as such UNSC and the Eritrean regime both are in breach of the Algiers agreement. Termination of UNMEE and Temporary security zone directly negate the agreement. All along, the position of Ethiopia is to honor and implement the treaty in totality without reservations. The Ethiopian government repeatedly called the Eritrean government to respect the treaty and embark on peaceful resolutions of outstanding issues. The Ethiopian government also called UNSC and international entities in many occasions to intervene and ensure the integrity of the Algiers treaty without any success. Unfortunately and sadly, Eritrea intensified its war rhetoric by destabilizing Ethiopia and the whole regions and UNSC and the international communities completely abandoned their responsibilities and in some cases sides with the dictator.

Ethiopia's position of dialogue and peace with the Eritrean regime is unattainable, impractical and as proven again and again is illogical. No one can make peace with the Eritrean regime and it is futile exercise to hope against all hopes. Eritrean regime never believes in peace and never accepted the Algiers agreement as the base of all inclusive peace pacts with Ethiopia. The agreement provided the regime amble time to recover from the military defeat and also counted on fortunes to find face saving opportunities. In which case the agreement shined on the Eritrean regime and won windfalls more than it bargains. The demarcation commission awarded every thing to Eritrea and the regime sees no interest to dialogue and settle peacefully with Ethiopia. Mission accomplished and the international community on it side the regime intensified its aggressions toward Ethiopia up to this time without any cost.

The Eritrean regime can never be partner of peace and Ethiopia must and need to pull the rug under the feet of the regime. Ethiopia unequivocally and clearly must state that Eritrea and UNSC invalidated the Algiers agreement and has no obligation to implement any part of the treaty. Ethiopia simply needs to state the facts on the ground. No obligations of any kind to shoulder the responsibilities while Eritrea with the collaborations of UNSC violated and breached the original agreement. This decision frees Ethiopia from the Algiers treaty and obligations. If Eritrea freely terminate and discard part of the agreement why Ethiopia honor any part at all?

* http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2008/sc9410.doc.htm